Our Projects

The ERICA research programme is divided into 3 Work Packages with 13 projects:


Research: Hydrate materials: growth, nano-structure characterisation and modelling

This work package addresses three scientific challenges associated with understanding: C‑S‑H microstructure; and hydrates with other oxide compositional mix. The aim is to make, characterise and model “as grown” controlled-composition hydrates. It is addressed by the work of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) 1 to 3.


Research: Hydrate materials: growth, nano-structure characterisation and modelling

It is now well established that there are significant reversible and irreversible structural changes that occur when hydrates are dried and re-wet. Most recently, it has become apparent that there are dynamic relaxation effects too. These processes impact applications but are simply not understood. This WP aims to understand them through the work of ESRs 4 to 8.


Water transport and upscaling to engineered agglomerates

Applications of hydrates generally focus on particle agglomerates at a larger structural scale. Transport of water and small ions into and out of the agglomerates is invariably important and is known to be anomalous. This WP therefore addresses the two remaining challenges identified in the aims, water transport and upscaling for applications, through the work of ESRs 9-13.

List of individual PhD projects

ESR 05

Hosted at USurrey

Localised NMR measurements of sorption to separate spatio-temporal effects

ESR: Örs Istok

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ESR 06

Hosted at HTC (PhD awarded by EPFL)

Characterisation of water sorption cycle in hydrates of controlled oxide composition

ESR: Monisha Rastogi

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ESR 07

Hosted at USurrey

Molecular dynamic and Monte Carlo study of water in hydrates during desorption and re-sorption

ESR: Arifah Rahaman

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