ESR: Anastasiia Nagmutdinova


Start date: November 1, 2018


The objectives are:

  • To understand the temporal dependence of the porosity in hydrates of different oxide composition as the relative humidity, (RH), is cycled quickly (hours) and slowly (months) around full and partial drying / wetting cycles;
  • To understand the effects of absolute RH achieved, time at RH and temperature;
  • To quantify the reversible and irreversible changes that occur and the severity of drying required for “structural relaxation” and
  • To correlate results with NMR porosity and other analyses in Project 2.

Progress of the project



Expected Results:

  • Month12: Measurement and data analysis protocols tested; measurement overlaps with ESR 2 agreed;
  • Month 21: Rapid cycling measurements complete;
  • Month 30: Slow cycle measurements complete;
  • Month 39: Data analysis and interpretation alongside Project 2 results complete.

Planned Secondments

  • 4 months at HTC: Characterisation of hydrate sorption in an industrial environment; start month 27.
  • 2 months at MR Solutions: Application Scientist: NMR of water treatment cements; start month 31.