ESR: Magdalena Janota

Host: USurrey

Start date: February 5, 2018


The objective is to understand anomalous water transport in hydrate agglomerates in terms of changing microstructure by

  • pore-size resolved magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) measurements of time dependent water concentration profiles during water egress / ingress;
  • comparing MRI data with models of transport which do / do not include time and water content dependent microstructure emergent from WPs 2 and 3.

Progress of the project




Expected Results:

  • Month 12: Refinement and validation of MRI methods to ensure the pore size resolved imaging is strictly quantitative;
  • Month 21: Macro scale images of sorption profiles; Transport measurements of Cl ions at EPFL;
  • Month 30: Tests of models from projects 10 and 11 against MRI data;
  • Month 39: Hydrate / MRI best practice guide.

Planned Secondments

  • 1 month at EPFL: Measurements of Cl transport; start month 20.
  • 4 months at FEI: Introduction to FE methods of multiphase modelling of liquid transport; start month 27
  • 2 months at MR Solutions: Application Scientist: MRI of construction concrete; start month 31.