ESR: Khalil Ferjaoui

Host: EPFL

Start date: October 1, 2018


The objective is to enhance the state-of-the-art micro-scale model of hydrates, µIC, to enable modelling of drying shrinkage in the µIC platform using calculations of local stress. Introductions include:

  • information on hydrate properties at a resolution below particle size from from WP 1;
  • the reversible and irreversible changes in sub-particle size properties resultant from sorption cycles from WP 2.

Progress of the project




Expected Results:

  • Month 12: Agreement reached on what refinements are to be incorporated into µIC;
  • Month 21: Initial coding complete;
  • Month 30: Means to introduce stress, drying shrinkage and cracking into µIC worked out;
  • Month 39: Final coding, comparison with experiment and model refinement in light of latest ERICA results concerning reversible and irreversible microstructural changes complete.

Planned Secondments

  • 1 month at TU Wien: Engage with poromechanical modelling; start month 20.
  • 3 months at FEI: Numerical modelling of off-lattice structures; start month 27
  • 3 months at HTC: Using µIC in an industrial environment; start month 30