ESR: Myrea Borg

Host: USurrey

Start date: November 1, 2018


The objectives are

  • To use combinations of multiphase (liquid / vapour) and multi-scale (effective media) Lattice Boltzmann (LB) methods to model water transport in model hydrate structures derived from
    • µIC, (Project 10);
    • The “Etzold model” (Project 7) and
    • the Jenning’s colloidal model with a view to demonstrating which, if any, is consistent with experimental data from WPs 2 and 3 &
  • To push the LB method to accommodate the microstructural changes as they become understood within ERICA.

Progress of the project



Expected Results:

  • Month 12: Multi-phase / effective media LB coded on a high-performance computer;
  • Month 21: Transport compared in µIC, “Etzold” and Jenning’s structures;
  • Month 30: Moving boundaries added to LB;
  • Month 39: LB sorption demonstrated in a relaxing structure.

Planned Secondments

  • 1 month at EPFL: Learn µIC model; start month 10.
  • 1 month at TU Wien: Engage with poromechanical modelling; start month 20.
  • 4 months at FEI: Lattice Boltzmann modelling in an industrial environment; start month 27